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The basic source for the following names is “List of PASSENGERS—‘Quaker City,’” printed at St. George, Bermuda, the ship’s last port of call before reaching New York. One copy of this document, originally owned and annotated by Bloodgood H. Cutter, is at the Mark Twain Memorial (CtHMTH). A photocopy of the second, owned and annotated by William R. Denny, is at the University of Virginia (ViU). Denny wrote across the top of his copy, “A correct list of the passengers of the ‘Quaker City’ steam ship, in their excursion to the East.” Following the list of names, the roster concluded: “—Total 74, or, with the addition of Miss Langdon who joins them here, a total of 75. A few of these, however, left the ship at Alexandria or elsewhere.” Miss Langdon was Julia L. Langdon, no relation to Charles (Julia L. Langdon Barber to Clemens, 18 Jan 1907, CU-MARK). She, Stephen and Louisa Griswold, Louis McDonald, and M. A. Serfaty were among those who joined the ship after its first arrival at Gibraltar. The number of passengers departing New York on 8 June was therefore no greater than seventy.

The text of the printed roster has been amended to give full names whenever possible—information derived from various documentary sources cited elsewhere in this volume, as well as from signatures and notations on the passengers’ cartes de visite collected by Denny (Hirst 1975, 390–412). The names of the crew have been supplied chiefly from “Excursion to the Holy Land,” New York Tribune, 8 June 67, 8, with spelling corrections from other primary documents.

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Allen, Anthony Bezenet, New York City

Andrews, Dr. Edward, Albany, N. Y.

Barry, Major James G., St. Louis

Beach, Moses Sperry, Brooklyn

Beach, Miss Emeline B., Brooklyn

Beckwith, Thomas S., Cleveland

Bell, Mr. and Mrs. R. A. H., Portsmouth, Ohio

Birch, Dr. George Bright, Hannibal, Mo.

Bond, Mr. and Mrs. John W., St. Paul, Minn.

Bond, Miss Ada, St. Paul, Minn.

Bond, Miss Mary E., Plaquemine, La.

Brown, Dr. Marcus, Circleville, Ohio

Brown, Miss Kate L., Circleville, Ohio

Bullard, the Reverend Henry, Wayland, Mass.

Chadeyne, Miss Carrie D., Jersey City

Church, William F., Cincinnati

Clemens, Samuel Langhorne, San Francisco

Crane, Dr. Albert, New Orleans

Crane, Albert, Jr., New Orleans

Crocker, Mr. and Mrs. Timothy D. (Eliza P.), Cleveland

Cutter, Bloodgood Haviland, Little Neck, Long Island

Davis, Joshua William, New York City

Denny, Colonel William Ritenour, Winchester, Va.

Dimon, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick, Norwalk, Conn.

Duncan, Mrs. Charles C. (Hannah T.), Brooklyn

Duncan, George F., Brooklyn

Duncan, Henry E., Brooklyn

Fairbanks, Mrs. Abel W. (Mary Mason), Cleveland

Foster, Colonel James Heron, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Gibson, Dr. and Mrs. William (Susan), Jamestown, Pa.

Green, Mrs. J. O., Washington, D.C.

Greenwood, John, Jr., New York City

Greer, Frederick H., Boston

Griswold, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. (Louisa M.), Brooklyn

Haldeman, Honorable Jacob Samils, Harrisburg, Pa.

Heiss, Goddard, Philadelphia

Hoel, Captain William R., Waynesville, Ohio

Hutchinson, the Reverend Eleazer Carter, St. Louis

Hyde, Honorable James K., Hydeville, Vt.

Isham, John G., Cincinnati

Jackson, Dr. Abraham Reeves, Stroudsburg, Pa.

James, William E., Brooklyn

Jenkins, Frederick P., Boston

Kinney, Colonel Peter, Portsmouth, Ohio

Krauss, George W., Harrisburg, Pa.

Langdon, Charles Jervis, Elmira, N. Y.

Langdon, Miss Julia L.

Larrowe, Mrs. Nina D., San Francisco

Leary, Daniel D., New York City

Lee, Mrs. S. G., Brooklyn

Lockwood, Mr. and Mrs. E. K., Norwalk, Conn.

McDonald, Louis, Bristol, England

Moody, Captain Lucius, Canton, N.Y.

Moulton, Julius, St. Louis

Nelson, Arba, Alton, Ill.

Nesbit, Dr. Benjamin B., Louisville, Ky.

Nesbit, Thomas B., Fulton, Mo.

Newell, Miss Julia, Janesville, Wis.

Parsons, Samuel B., New York City

Payne, Dr. and Mrs. James H., Boston

Quereau, the Reverend George W., Aurora, Ill.

Sanford, Solomon N., Cleveland

Serfaty, M. A., Gibraltar

Severance, Mr. and Mrs. Solon Long (Emily A.), Cleveland

Sexton, Nicholas, New York City

Slote, Daniel, New York City

Van Nostrand, John A., Greenville, N.J., and New York City


Duncan, Charles C., captain

Bursley, Ira, sailing master and executive officer

Jones, William, second officer

Burdick, Benjamin F., steward

Harris, John, chief engineer

Vail, Robert, purser

Pratt, William A., quartermaster