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The Mark Twain Project produces four series of books, all published by the University of California Press: The Mark Twain Papers, The Works of Mark Twain, The Mark Twain Library, and Jumping Frogs: Undiscovered, Rediscovered, and Celebrated Writings of Mark Twain. Click on the series titles below to go directly to the University of California Press website for a complete list of titles and to order copies.

The Mark Twain Papers

This series publishes Mark Twain's private papers—his letters, notebooks, unpublished literary works, and autobiography. All volumes in the series are fully annotated scholarly editions which have been inspected and approved by the MLA's Committee on Scholarly Editions (CSE).

The Works of Mark Twain

This series prints authoritative critical editions of Mark Twain's published works. Based on original manuscripts or first printings, they offer annotated critical texts and restore all of the original illustrations. Each volume has been approved by the CSE.

The Mark Twain Library

This series reprints texts from the Papers and Works for students and the general reader. Issued in both paperback and cloth, volumes in the Library always include the original illustrations and the notes, while omitting the textual apparatus and scholarly introduction. The series will eventually include all of Mark Twain's best work.

Jumping Frogs: Undiscovered, Rediscovered, and Celebrated Writings of Mark Twain

The Jumping Frogs series is designed to bring neglected Mark Twain treasures—stories, tall tales, novels, travelogues, plays, journalism, speeches, sketches, satires, burlesques, and much more—to readers. Each volume has its own distinctive design and illustrations and uses texts established by the Mark Twain Project editors.

Microfilm Editions

Everything in the Mark Twain Papers not already included in a critical edition has been published in the microfilm edition and is under copyright by The Regents of the University of California. The set of three editions may be purchased for $50,000. For more information, visit the Mark Twain Project's Publications page, or email mtp@library.berkeley.edu.